In Front of the Elevators - 電梯前 (中英日法合版) - [GoodMoveBG]
In Front of the Elevators - 電梯前 (中英日法合版) - [GoodMoveBG]
In Front of the Elevators - 電梯前 (中英日法合版) - [GoodMoveBG]
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In Front of the Elevators - 電梯前 (中英日法合版)






Last in the elevator, is first off.

“In Front of the Elevators” is a card game where you compete to get more of your family members in the front of the elevator line at the department store.

Today, the whole family has come out to do some shopping at the department store, but there’s a crowd in front of the elevators. Can we make it to our favorite floors? Moms cut-in after Dads, Grandpas butt-in in front of Girls, everyone is skipping in line. When 3 friends find each other they head to the cafe instead. Can your family squeeze into the crowded elevator?

Game Description

Your goal is to help your family members get onto the next elevator, which can only hold a few more people. You score points for each of your family members who get on. If they get on the elevator that goes to their favorite floor you get double points. The game is played over 3 rounds. Scoring takes place at the end of each round. Players total their round scores to find a winner.

Take a Family Card that shows your family color. Earn points whenever a member of your family rides an elevator. All family members have a Cut-In-Line Ability or a Lost-Child Ability. Use those abilities well to cut your way to the front of the elevator line, and squeeze into the elevator, just before the doors close.

“In Front of the Elevators” with just a few rules and a hand of only 2 cards a light-playing and enjoyable experience is created. Despite its light mood there are interesting developments in store as the game unfolds. Awarded points gradually increase, so everyone must stay on their toes through the end of the 3rd round.

Using your starting family members, you randomly get in your opening hand, you’ll set the stage for how the end of the round will play out. Having a different opening hand keeps things fresh and enjoyable. Also if 3 of the same type of people get in the same line they are removed with the “Cafe Rule”, adding an extra layer of strategy and surprising twists.

35 Person Cards
9 Elevator Cards
5 Family Cards
1 Score Pad
Rules in Japanese, English & French

玩家人數: 2-4
遊玩時間: 20+
適合年齡: 8+
遊戲語言: 繁體中文/英文/日文